Employers Responsibility

  • Arrange timely receipt of the workers at airport.
  • Inform Paradise about receipt of the workers.
  • Advance payment of an amount to each worker on arrival in the country of work (deductable from monthly salary).
  • Arrange furnished housing accommodation suitable to human living.
  • Ensure water and electricity in the living place.
  • Ensure full security of the workers in the living and working places, especially in cases of female workers.
  • Timely payment of salary for every working month.
  • Keeping updated the validity of the passport, residence permit/employment visa of the workers.
  • Treating workers as human being.
  • Proper medical treatment of the workers in case of any sickness/accident.
  • Inform Paradise any problem that requires handling from our end.
  • Follow terms of agreement signed between the Employer and the Workers.

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